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A Seed

Monday, September 15, 2008

hiding, germinating, living
scales, quiescences,roots,burst
collecting, drinking, spreading,
green, smooth
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Deborah Godin said…
I’m a big fan of pattern poetry, and this is a very nice one!

5:19:00 PM
tumblewords said…
Love the trip from seed to leaf! Nicely done!

7:14:00 PM
SandyCarlson said…
Yes, yes, yes, indeed!

7:50:00 PM
Teri C said…
From seed to leaf in such a beautiful manner. So lovely.

7:18:00 AM
Annie said…
Lifecyle of a seed. NICE!!

8:31:00 AM
zoya gautam said…
..(how) do words make a poem/-the answer-is right above-many thanks for sharing the ‘seeds’ of imaginative form & content..

3:54:00 PM
Pam said…
The image the poem makes compliments its story. Nicely done.

8:56:00 AM
still said…
I like it. It is a poem out of the words that it is. In a rhythm. And in a pattern.

11:37:00 AM
Crimson Shimmer said…
you have worded the music of nature beautifully 🙂

1:18:00 PM
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