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Our World (from my Auntie)

Our World (from my Auntie)

Looking through memories of a recent photo
exchange within families I found this in our family
photos and now I see why my families love
to visit us as we live in an Awesome Place!
Awesomely designed for us all!
Just wanted to share some wet landscapes.
If you want to see the details just click on
the pictures and they will enlarge.
Enjoy the views. This is where I live everyday!
More to come I’m sure. LOL Sharon Rose

Posted by Still(srt) at 8:34 AM 3 comments



such a mysterious image! Very nice.

12:40:00 AM

Blogger Rinkly Rimes said…
That certainly looks glorious. Where is it?

1:00:00 AM

Blogger one planet said…
the more i look at watery pics .. i need some water to drink
lobe the sun

2:47:00 PM

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