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Solitaire Is Still Alright With Me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

     Solitaire is like the game of cards you may do anything you like as long as no one is watching. Or so you may hope no one sees you move that cards out of the way! Oh you have all done it even mama has moved a card out o the way. Ha! I don’t believe that you have never moved a card out of the way. So, yes you may not remember that you moved that card out of the way but, you have! Everyone has once only to find out that you still could not win. Now betcha can’t do it on the computer with Solitaire if they even still have such a thing. Well of course I’ve moved on tho bigger and better games haven’t we all but, they are still solitaire if you want them to be or you can play with people all over the world.     The solitude is still sometimes better that the drama. Good clean fun in solitaire
yes there is. Solitaire is faithful and true, and Solitaire cannot nag, talk back, whine, yell, cajole or bother you in any way. If it does just stuff those cards in a box and give them infinitely long time outs. That’s right don’t touch them, talk to those cards or otherwise be bothered. Get on the computer and just tell those cards they are obsolete! Or you could just forgive that hand and go at it again! 🙂
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