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Let us hideaway where our passions link,

Turning from all self and necessity.

Without passion our hearts will sink.

Let us never harden like those in the city.

Holding each other with love and passion.

Passion is all that is reality for us now,

Do not fall for the coldness of fashion.

End results will be a permanent scowl.

Passion is the way it is, passion, you cannot?

I cannot live, I must go this may sound very mundane.

You do not have anything else in life, I shall live not.

 Finish in this world without passion, am I insane.

Probably, I would rather be totally alone.

Without a caress, a kiss, a bliss, neither passion.

Living in the quiet no noise not even a tone.

Where, Oh, when did you loose compassion?

As my lament is as yet unanswered,

I will not live unfullfilled in my desires.

Shy or not, rsvp with me unrequited.

Your daily living lie my aspires.

As my heart does sink,

I in my mind return to simplicity,

Oh, no do not even blink.

Imaginging the airity

find your compassion,

I could find none, no idiom

This was the last season!

Therefore we were the last one!

Our sweat where we bled,

as the friers before all of  us

they too were led, DearHeart,

continue to address as

I desire you in passion, in front

of the window, without a care

nestled, entwined, in the heat,

lying in the crux of your arm

tucked under quilts, deep

in the woods amongst the

wolves and bears, without

all the worldly stares and cares

there you were your natures

man, a little food, paint, and

bias left behind, your passion

forward and my stigmas you

ignored, and truly love, me

the fireplace roars, silently

we stare, into each others

eyes and at the flames, we

know smiling, this is the

top of our world, finally

daring to go the next rung on

the ladder, hence it must get

better from here, and oh it does,

with much patience and ado

but it does take two, tongue in

cheek, not learning how to

peak, if unwilling to speak,

means you were just

another toy giving Cicisbeo.

or are you?

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