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As I Walk Among Them

Out there we knew but,
we did not know reality.
Not really, being a winner.
A wise person wins. Just to
meet Dearheart, change is
apparent. No longer is the
competitive edge relative to
well being. Forever changed.

Forever charged, a knowing gut,
life graced with finality.
knowing we are all a sinner.
no earthly prize. All blue
daily spirit, of His
majesty. “Kumbaya”,
Whirls and winds blew
sacrifices. Arise deranged.

Onward the journey cut,
mercy given for your inner,
lifetimes of lies. Loosening glue
Stating that tis
royalty in His ala
of His angels and no clue
mentioned. Feeling estranged.

Crushing witness, people in rut,
hoping and praying The Tinner,
shows them. Will peace ensue
lift that bundle of his
knit his psyche back from gala
with warm regards. Talent exchanged.

Seer the best, another sees door shut,
wondering, he act likes a beginner,
I know he’s pro. outlooks askew
quietly on guard, an endless quiz.
For his mind using ‘challah’,
loving Dearheart, ratiocinate unchained.

Seers always know, these are times of glut,
thorough, confidence in a glimmer.
complements, His love always renew
truth matters, loving this wiz.
Our winter is not Alaska,
loving dearheart, another life gained!

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