Inspirations and Asides

I just want to say that I will write inspirations and asides here. I want everyone I know to know that you may or may not see yourselves in these pages. And if you do just remember I have traveled and have met at least 5 other people with your same name. So if I accidentally use your real name, which probably will not happen, rest assured it may not be you. If you recognize yourself  just be quiet because I told no one the details. None of us are alone out there and we cannot count on the world being all about us. I have indeed meet many people with all of my names. Even the real ones maybe even 20 or so…

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In The Know!

Please it is about the world realities and fictions and oxymora  I see and sometimes feel. Feelings are hard to come by in this age so I hope you will not ruin my little bubble out here. Thank-You for enjoying my blogs and ramblings. Remember some things are indeed absolute fiction for the read. But only I really know even if the writing would get dicey. I wish you all the very best and wonderful day! You are welcome if I brought you any peace or comforts or smiles.

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