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Awaiting Night Anticipation of Dawn

Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.
Moving through skip all commercials.
Why does one require sleep at all?

You ever felt bliss, totally drained of energy.
Could the past lives been nightmares.
Love soothes as we move close, bodies touch.
Circumstances raise a glorious reunion.
Remembering how to be generous lovers.
Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.

The moment we separate, there is love.
Love of your kisses, friends for years.
Gentleness of your fingers along lines,
Areas of passion sensitized by your breath.
Divine interventions evolving our growth.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?

Quietly at first learning, watching, listening.
Bilateral awe, new times for new people.
In front of the fireplace, twin flames aglow.
Great shows, new seasons, begins, no reruns.
Feelings secure, awaiting night, joys ensue.
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.

Sharing pleasures clearly expressing love
Screams of pleasure at their caressing.
Anticipation at dawn increases in time.
Awakes too early in hungry eagerness.
They are just full of hopes no promises.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.

Twin flames till burning forever are hopes.
Days seem long a focus awaiting night.
Alone in my thoughts until we rest, smiling.
Hungry eagerness for hirsute manly sashay.
Entering the house announcing I’m home!
Moving through skipping all the commercials!

Sleeping lunches away to be able to wait.
Another awaiting sunset. Wanton moods.
Anticipation of dawn. Twin minds flaming
against twin desires, over-thinking as usual.
Both in a dusk to dawn bliss, absolutely blissful.
Why does one require any sleep at all?


Loon Haunts



gray pointed beaks floating

Always the same fresh water lakes.



in night

on glass like lake

paired off in love for life

constantly in their rituals




same lake yearly

raising duckling over

always instinctively over



Today Amma, Pope Francis, and other leaders of the world’s religions made history. They came together in one voice to declare that modern slavery is a crime against humanity. They called on all people, irrespective of gender, faith and culture, to work together to eradicate human trafficking and all other forms of slavery from the face of the earth by 2020. ‪#‎EndSlavery

Something to strive for worldwide! True cause.



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turkey appetizer  food

Not My Dream Either!

Spirit Love Torn

A Summary by Seasideauthor Sharon Rose©2014

two auras are
now so complete
Spiritual sorts
hoping for a
soul mate, never
now? considered
to be incest in
the spiritual way

soul mates freq/

inside familes
oh in innocent

so confused
three years to
analyze whys
why this why
not psychic/
ally wrong

only really
To reunite
as twin flames…

Flames bounce
off each other
at first &onward

Hold on
as both are in/
depend/ent to
found God
and thought
I was wrong
Got confused
more crazy

A year of
tortures in
her mind.

And probably

Years pass
411 Twin Flames
strong wills can
take awhile to calm
in the emotional
arenas soon
we will learn
to get direct.

Right now
just please not to
tread one
another’s space
goal is to find the
place where we
sacredly prize

each other

this new found
love. How to
create our
world in sync
that will take
awhile, logic
will reign/ soon.

In winter planets
settle. Full moon
stop their meddle
drew your face

30 years ago
once in a lifetime
happening we’ve
been blessed. Re-
lax hot baths. Lots
of talks

weeks have pass/
ed strength does
increase. Fun &
rest will find us
balanced. Kind
ness will reign.

Not too hard
Just the balancing
flames. God is
with us. Energy
does come. Smile.

Twin Flames
consider top
on spiritual

Let’s go the extra
have wants
with opinions

Going by the heart
best thing to do
bounced off each
other twice each
flame fifth

His wounds
5 elements
In The
crazy middle

Find balance
Sacred two.
If you read this article you can relate to this post.

The Backwards Secret

©seasideauthor Sharon Rose 2013

hurts, everlasting scrape

annuls, with voluntary comatose

old trick from old goat

under head injury

reality, words fumble

knowing pain leaves lack

tearful injury, cowards escape

same losses, pain

love, choosing

secrets forever told

exciting, adoring

music, emotions svelte

meeting, hearts rapid

voice, heart melts

profile truth

glance a picture

smooth handsome

silver mousse hair

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