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Awaiting Night Anticipation of Dawn

Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.
Moving through skip all commercials.
Why does one require sleep at all?

You ever felt bliss, totally drained of energy.
Could the past lives been nightmares.
Love soothes as we move close, bodies touch.
Circumstances raise a glorious reunion.
Remembering how to be generous lovers.
Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.

The moment we separate, there is love.
Love of your kisses, friends for years.
Gentleness of your fingers along lines,
Areas of passion sensitized by your breath.
Divine interventions evolving our growth.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?

Quietly at first learning, watching, listening.
Bilateral awe, new times for new people.
In front of the fireplace, twin flames aglow.
Great shows, new seasons, begins, no reruns.
Feelings secure, awaiting night, joys ensue.
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.

Sharing pleasures clearly expressing love
Screams of pleasure at their caressing.
Anticipation at dawn increases in time.
Awakes too early in hungry eagerness.
They are just full of hopes no promises.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.

Twin flames till burning forever are hopes.
Days seem long a focus awaiting night.
Alone in my thoughts until we rest, smiling.
Hungry eagerness for hirsute manly sashay.
Entering the house announcing I’m home!
Moving through skipping all the commercials!

Sleeping lunches away to be able to wait.
Another awaiting sunset. Wanton moods.
Anticipation of dawn. Twin minds flaming
against twin desires, over-thinking as usual.
Both in a dusk to dawn bliss, absolutely blissful.
Why does one require any sleep at all?


Rant! You Who Still? Are Not Too Deep!

You who still, cause my heart rate to rise.

You who still, cause my face to flush, or blush with laughter.

You who still, leave me breathless every moment in the presence of you.

You who still, just the thought of you is distracting, makes my mind smile.

You who still, enter my dreams day and night even my thoughts.

You who still, should know me, I guess I should not think of you.


You who still, part of my heart from the start.

You who still, know I feel we are a commitment.

You who still, see all the exact similarities we still share?

You who still, shared all our secrets and troubles together.

You who still, grew hardened and distant, as your eyes wandered.

You who still, know that growth would be better together?


You who still, I do not release you from our love.

You who still, know deeply both of our hearts.

You who still, continue a pattern of rejection.

You who still, on too many occasions toy with approval.

You who still, search for another pawn to enter your play time.

You who still, know our minds think the same thought simultaneously.


You who still, know that our furniture is an exact match.

You who still, now planning the next big romantic toy.

You who still, sees a future for us together.

You who still, could not say I love you daily.

You who still, would not say I need you.

You who still, could not say I want you.


You who still, never thought we deserve to hear it every day?

You who still, can kiss and I can feel it in my toes.

You who still, search without knowing what love really is?

You who still, too full of pride to ask me to stay.

You who still, crush my heart when you are sad.

You who still, do not share a gracious meal anymore.


You who still, see women as a temporary comfort.

You who still, think things can replace the special you.

You who still, fill the places in me that God leaves for you.

You who still, act as though no one is normal but you.

You who still, gave up, and think you are all that.

You who still, has taken my voice, like I did not matter.


You who still, are fully engaged with life, not with Who matters.

You who still, dream of someone to carry you around.

You who still, forgot how to be a couple with love.

You who still, think lusting stares are possible toys.

You who still, troll around in public, know they are married.

You who still, travel to and fro bother every aglow.


You who still, like the rest, think arrogantly they know.

You who still, oh she might be this, she might be that.

You who still, arrogantly, think I might look at you.

You who still, too bad you were all failing students.

You who still, your 20, 30, 40 year old “C” degree is expired.

You who still, that is why we are all semi-retired!


You who still, maybe she is simple, just loves Him and him.

You who still, calls in reports daily, follows and follows.

You who still, photos and photos, lots of miles and smiles.

You who still, need to get a life, stop causing strife.

You who still, have a carnal mind, wishing for a life.

You who still, think you know, what is for you not to know!



The Real Apple Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)
He was retrieved!
Apple created in
garage, two best friends
after another, rainbows
of colors! Each of us
can be…
Creator of Dreams
Pixar movie
For Disney
More to come…
World changer
Music savior
Loss of an Icon
‘Rebel Genius Icon’
Massive legacy
Loss to the world
Technology for all.
His only peer Bill gates.
Two buttons that is all.
We should be sorry!
Sorry to his family.
Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Not even a liver could
we keep him our innovator.
We could not kill his cancer!
Our blogger,
our friend to the masses!

It Was My Secret

listen to a voice
deep, no one can hear
just me, in thought
in elegy, laughing, crying
to feel
anything somehow
being content
appreciate words
love, hate, smite or hurt
to feel someway
a path
a light, darkness
tones have colors
deep, only in me
a rant a scream
record a voice
leave behind a piece
my voice what happens
justice starts
to be me.

Until I Shared.

Clutching His Chest

terror gripped his heart

clutching his chest

he cried,” how could they

look what they are doing

Sharon can you believe it?”

“these are people from all the world

they are just working people,”

“what are they thinking?”

“not thinking is what!”

“I just can’t take this!”

As it is melting, ” it’s melting!”

almost at a scream as

his heart was beating so

fast, “calm down,” I said

 find your peace, breathe,

pacing round and around

the living room, loud voice

crying out to God,” I know

you see this God, oh God!”

he asks, “What are you going

to do? What God? What God?

Oh, Sharon, I just cannot

take this! How can people do

this to one another? Evil,

pure evil!” There is not other word

that was the only word he referenced

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