Satire of A Modern Cicisbeo

Hours spent as a monadnock
Enhanced perspective susses
As visitors deliberately knock
Sylph guardians nourishing trusses
Insisting his suss was for a ‘lock’
Love is fragile must be undeserving
Alpha crush on concrete median block
Alpha in youth I was reminiscing

Mia ‘I thee Wed’ Omega slept to eternity
Erasing life’s troubles shortly for awhile
Laughing at poor Sarah’s maternity
A prophetic utter someone agile
Laughing and requiting paternity
Love is agile life is fragile
Silly three gaggling over wine giggling
Angelics rise cause every word to gile?

Angelic’s move on every spoken word
Parting syllables screeched and joked
Something out there moved like a sword
Sorting and making light first crush choked
Laughing still forgetting about the ‘cord’
Sike’s in smiles and egos stroked
Hysteria ensues and eyes even teared
Even Hirsute, height, belly, they jeered

Hindsight mulls at a standard too enhanced
Perspectives moving glancing around
Five years since her Omega has danced
What are you looking for staring at ground
Entombed he’s not there worse now who glanced
After a half decade quietly mourning are you sound
Aiding others through pain in your exoskeleton
Could a new beginning have begun

Suddenly met in the café countenances shining bright
He forwardly made our acquaintance,
Your affections were at first smitten and simultaneously light,
The smile of your faces and countenances announce
Pressures, near occurrences, swirl, embraces tight
Pride and prejudice arises to his remembrance
Sanity’s grasp loosens refrains beginning to ware
Not forsaken, in His living portrayal, shall we even dare

Together, meals, moments and dreaming about beautiful places
A mourning life he enhances in friendships
Walking miles at significantly close paces
His stature is colossal, hirsute and full of quips
In meditation I heard an answer through the quiet spaces
Confirmations I received although he knows purposeful guilt trips
Hearken crying eyes suddenly reality remembers cicisbeo, his affliction
Altogether in forbiden darkness never hides that clandestine vixen

Dejection set in, relentless years of in clandestine pain, together seared
Darkness endless rendezvous, families in pain and afflicted
The affliction Lady William Russell just won’t die, her ugly head reared
Just like a comet, that fizzles out, his throat slightly constricted
Another Beppo is let out, the cicisbeo disease fully geared
My affection in the wrong hands my chamber heart restricted
As Lord Byron and others wrote, those “whose bloom could, after dancing, dare the dawn”
Signal given the man whore was off broken alone finally in the yawn

Cicisbeo for more than a decade into the Hyades Cluster
Even offering a liaison for a rendezvous knowing Aldebaran is unrelated
Escaped the darkness like Iota Horologii it took all the strength to muster
Liken to a soul mate’s request, falls on seared and deafen ears, berated
Unconditional love, always, no curses, my chamber heart loses luster
Knowing and berated I stand hands clean maybe alone maybe separated
Wondrous hearing, crushing news, pulpit nudges, sanity’s grasp foreworn
Single and free no forbiden yolk to bear waiting for a love condign who bears no scorn.

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