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Door Steps ©SRose t. (Seasideauthor)

Continuance in fantasy?

One step, she lifts a foot;

Balance she seeks, gravity

learns, to live. Army afoot


with aid in sterile white;

to the coverings’ agony.

Rescue the betrayal blight

form sinks into atrophy.


Eruption sink coat daily                                                                                        

her frame in the mirror.

Thoughts pass, hazily

a memory disappears


of the once ‘stunning’ being.

Only half birthday ago

“She Was” only needing;

his love, her covering aglow.


Jovial interests only art,

poetry and careless dance.  

Affection was his only part,

her fault a circumstance.


The door she could not find.

In despair entangled in apogee

his help arrogantly blind.

Lacking the loving capacity


Or patience guide into reality.

Abandons her to life lonely

despair. He; her center of gravity.

Knowing he was her one and only.


A step at a time, step one, tread,

dressed in white & scrubs, allies                                                                          

rise, piloting gravity, new read.

Reach for her out of the skies.


Manages the lines, one at a time;

Guiding the pencil, led her step

by step. Long year quite a climb.

Turning a corner, her gullible rep


exasperates them still. Good deed

and gently try to erase her dearheart

from her core. Aim her to concede

he is material, only loves in part.


Someday she will find the exits.

Holding the keys, her heart wills

learn to eat to live. Into the edit

and back to reality. Loving quill


surfacing unable to keep it light.

Striving to start erasing a lout,

To stop whining in this plight?

Soon we’ll see a life all about!


All photos by Joel Robison Photography  @joelrobison  .com


It Was My Secret

listen to a voice
deep, no one can hear
just me, in thought
in elegy, laughing, crying
to feel
anything somehow
being content
appreciate words
love, hate, smite or hurt
to feel someway
a path
a light, darkness
tones have colors
deep, only in me
a rant a scream
record a voice
leave behind a piece
my voice what happens
justice starts
to be me.

Until I Shared.

The Empty Places

Places no one can fill,
Nothing anyone can say,
Your places, will always be,
Still and quiet, as you see,
Doctors have no pill,
One call of the day,
Our daily time for tea,
No voice now, oh gee,
Living just makes for nil,
Still nothing to play,
Quiet now no glee,
Yours places are even still,
Your places will always be,
The Empty Places.

>Daily Rest

>Light afflictions are but for a moment,
Is a moment a lifetime,
The inner conflicted emotions

Over run me while slumbering
As I cry out awakened to the voice
No memory …conversations

The word and memories escape
All conscious rising above
The inner conflicted emotions

Light afflictions are but for a moment
Is a moment a lifetime
The inner conflicted emotions

Freedom Adonai rules today…ahhh
Afflicting conflict of waking fades
Breathing on body each moment

The word and memories escape
All consciousness rising above
The inner conflicted emotions
Adonai dwells darkness flees.


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