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The Path (Patterns)

The path I feel the need to follow,
Living day to day and totally estranged;
Wake; awake each day, emptier and hollow.

©Sharon Rose

©Sharon Rose

Thoughts confuse, in sadness not wallow,
Know: frail minds view, you as deranged;
The path I feel the need to follow.

Frequently: a sight to view: not in sorrow.
Quiet huddle, others’ gossip stirs, my stomach panged;
Wake; awake each day; emptier and hollow.

Although you in heart, mind; in want they borrow,
Honestly, their answers voluntarily arranged;
The path I feel the need to follow.

Left and right turns, finding the roads narrow,
Bless now, preventing fierce tears; mind‘s eye rearranged;
Wake, awake each day; emptier and hollow.

To my injury, my God, and about Your sparrow,
Your compassion: fears within them remain unchanged;
The path I feel the need to follow.
Wake, awake each day; emptier and hollow.


As a footnote: We were asked to use a line from a poem that has inspired us. And to write a response or reply a repose so to speak, so here is mine.  So, ‘the path’  I need to follow is two words from a Robert Frost poem, I think as a prompt somewhere on the internet where we were asked to do a patterned write. Which, I did, we were asked to use an established poet as inspiration. This is the 1st or second attempt on my part. So if it sounds familiar it may be.

Elsewhere there is one line from another poet established also, I have not remembered which one. I will footnote that one also. When I find it. So there you have it. A lot of the time I try not to use prompts too much because of this hunt.


Elegy For The Living


Elegy for Him
I requisite this idiom for you,
Although his elegy linguistics for you,
Cause you hang a propos,
An opus that was complete with dirge,
My lament had his requiem,
Conversely presence sorrowful your sike are amiss,
Amiss is unmerited and crushing,
Injurious and despondent.
Dejected, compunctious and vital, not hopeless….
Contriteness and Compunction wrought,
Leaver sike Griser Him The Rose,
Your only recourse for the sike.
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