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Awaiting Night Anticipation of Dawn

Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.
Moving through skip all commercials.
Why does one require sleep at all?

You ever felt bliss, totally drained of energy.
Could the past lives been nightmares.
Love soothes as we move close, bodies touch.
Circumstances raise a glorious reunion.
Remembering how to be generous lovers.
Constant fancy to touch, kiss, be close.

The moment we separate, there is love.
Love of your kisses, friends for years.
Gentleness of your fingers along lines,
Areas of passion sensitized by your breath.
Divine interventions evolving our growth.
Are we in a dream, surviving on hope?

Quietly at first learning, watching, listening.
Bilateral awe, new times for new people.
In front of the fireplace, twin flames aglow.
Great shows, new seasons, begins, no reruns.
Feelings secure, awaiting night, joys ensue.
Will time ever pass, finally sunset.

Sharing pleasures clearly expressing love
Screams of pleasure at their caressing.
Anticipation at dawn increases in time.
Awakes too early in hungry eagerness.
They are just full of hopes no promises.
Alone in my thoughts until you awaken.

Twin flames till burning forever are hopes.
Days seem long a focus awaiting night.
Alone in my thoughts until we rest, smiling.
Hungry eagerness for hirsute manly sashay.
Entering the house announcing I’m home!
Moving through skipping all the commercials!

Sleeping lunches away to be able to wait.
Another awaiting sunset. Wanton moods.
Anticipation of dawn. Twin minds flaming
against twin desires, over-thinking as usual.
Both in a dusk to dawn bliss, absolutely blissful.
Why does one require any sleep at all?


Door Steps ©SRose t. (Seasideauthor)

Continuance in fantasy?

One step, she lifts a foot;

Balance she seeks, gravity

learns, to live. Army afoot


with aid in sterile white;

to the coverings’ agony.

Rescue the betrayal blight

form sinks into atrophy.


Eruption sink coat daily                                                                                        

her frame in the mirror.

Thoughts pass, hazily

a memory disappears


of the once ‘stunning’ being.

Only half birthday ago

“She Was” only needing;

his love, her covering aglow.


Jovial interests only art,

poetry and careless dance.  

Affection was his only part,

her fault a circumstance.


The door she could not find.

In despair entangled in apogee

his help arrogantly blind.

Lacking the loving capacity


Or patience guide into reality.

Abandons her to life lonely

despair. He; her center of gravity.

Knowing he was her one and only.


A step at a time, step one, tread,

dressed in white & scrubs, allies                                                                          

rise, piloting gravity, new read.

Reach for her out of the skies.


Manages the lines, one at a time;

Guiding the pencil, led her step

by step. Long year quite a climb.

Turning a corner, her gullible rep


exasperates them still. Good deed

and gently try to erase her dearheart

from her core. Aim her to concede

he is material, only loves in part.


Someday she will find the exits.

Holding the keys, her heart wills

learn to eat to live. Into the edit

and back to reality. Loving quill


surfacing unable to keep it light.

Striving to start erasing a lout,

To stop whining in this plight?

Soon we’ll see a life all about!


All photos by Joel Robison Photography  @joelrobison  .com

Do You Watch?

“Castle” that dashing gentleman!

Helping “Nikki Heat” solve all the

crime in The Great Big City.

Red-haired proper, his mother,

driving “Castle” crazy I suppose.

Oh, it is just pretend, I know!

Reminds me of Mother, soothing,

try to do the right thing, be loving.

A favorite of mine, oh yes!

Makes you think. The red-haired

woman’s’ lover passed to the other side.

Of course, my Mother’s lover is still.

“Castle” reminds me of the

chivalry of my love of my life. Wishing

I know; a woman has to dream. Of

course Castles’ daughter is nearly

perfect after a few growing pains.

Just like mine, both have had

their share of growing pains, and

living their lives. As it always goes.

Watching their partnership

working under intense times.

Of course, my life is not so

intense, catastrophic but not too

intense. Too bad real people

are never brave enough to stick.

There is a lot said for real love,

it makes you stick through and through.

That is a sign of the real capacity, that most

do not have at one time or another.

So I suppose that is the justice

and injustice in life; the yin and yang,

of reaping what we’ve sown?

Or shall we accept all of our

biasness and restart anew?

Rant! You Who Still? Are Not Too Deep!

You who still, cause my heart rate to rise.

You who still, cause my face to flush, or blush with laughter.

You who still, leave me breathless every moment in the presence of you.

You who still, just the thought of you is distracting, makes my mind smile.

You who still, enter my dreams day and night even my thoughts.

You who still, should know me, I guess I should not think of you.


You who still, part of my heart from the start.

You who still, know I feel we are a commitment.

You who still, see all the exact similarities we still share?

You who still, shared all our secrets and troubles together.

You who still, grew hardened and distant, as your eyes wandered.

You who still, know that growth would be better together?


You who still, I do not release you from our love.

You who still, know deeply both of our hearts.

You who still, continue a pattern of rejection.

You who still, on too many occasions toy with approval.

You who still, search for another pawn to enter your play time.

You who still, know our minds think the same thought simultaneously.


You who still, know that our furniture is an exact match.

You who still, now planning the next big romantic toy.

You who still, sees a future for us together.

You who still, could not say I love you daily.

You who still, would not say I need you.

You who still, could not say I want you.


You who still, never thought we deserve to hear it every day?

You who still, can kiss and I can feel it in my toes.

You who still, search without knowing what love really is?

You who still, too full of pride to ask me to stay.

You who still, crush my heart when you are sad.

You who still, do not share a gracious meal anymore.


You who still, see women as a temporary comfort.

You who still, think things can replace the special you.

You who still, fill the places in me that God leaves for you.

You who still, act as though no one is normal but you.

You who still, gave up, and think you are all that.

You who still, has taken my voice, like I did not matter.


You who still, are fully engaged with life, not with Who matters.

You who still, dream of someone to carry you around.

You who still, forgot how to be a couple with love.

You who still, think lusting stares are possible toys.

You who still, troll around in public, know they are married.

You who still, travel to and fro bother every aglow.


You who still, like the rest, think arrogantly they know.

You who still, oh she might be this, she might be that.

You who still, arrogantly, think I might look at you.

You who still, too bad you were all failing students.

You who still, your 20, 30, 40 year old “C” degree is expired.

You who still, that is why we are all semi-retired!


You who still, maybe she is simple, just loves Him and him.

You who still, calls in reports daily, follows and follows.

You who still, photos and photos, lots of miles and smiles.

You who still, need to get a life, stop causing strife.

You who still, have a carnal mind, wishing for a life.

You who still, think you know, what is for you not to know!



Go Back!

Inner light lifted

dearheart with a little d,

back to Shem Creek

tangerine puddles

abound, grasses glow

orange, yellow, purple

and green. Earth’s

work of Art. Sunsets

on all we know. The

door was open then.

His shell gone, love is

sown and grown.


Go Back!

Could I please go back?


Dearheart, dearheart

with a little d, he never

knew the duality of a

read. Of course, he never

actually read my writes.

Too bad, his unbelief, he

is so special to

me and my secret

term of endearment for

him, a little d close to His.

Humble, I thought.

Or so it seemed.


Go Back!

Could I please go back?


White crown, bright eyes,

pale tones of wear. I love

the wit, dry humor

from across the water.

Some brain, but not

so much. He knows a

great wine or two, of

course I fixed that with

my sweet moscato.

Kind words with him

most times. Breathless daily

just to be near he is so dear.


Go Back!

Could I please go back?


Alas, the beauty we have

seen, the sunsets, billowing

storm clouds from upon high.

Snows, cold cottony piles,

Flatlands, ruined views of

windmills worse than any

billboard you could imagine.

Distaining the earth view as

far as the eyes could see!

Oh, what a horror, worse

Than any you could see!

Windmills, worse than strip mines!


Go Back!

Could I please go back?


The eagle has landed for

my close up photos.

Molting and ready for

this season of fish. His

other large friend with

the largest wings

hiding his banded black

mask like Zorro so prey

would mistake him or her

for the eagle who only

eats fish here. A sneaky

friend indeed!


Go Back!

Could I please go back?


Birds with golden wings,

glistening light bounces

off the lake. Painting the

gray house, painting the

mountains, abstract

angel wings, herons in

the winter grasses in

“The Lowcountry.”

At cooking we have

talent as many older

folks do. Very, very

creative, colorful hosts.


Go back!

Could I please go back?


When your eyes were

Bright. I could see your light!

You left your hair white. Had

natural affection, thought

you had direction! dearheart,

he is the one. Stunning poet

thought He sent you. Thought

He sent you. Now sitting,

wondering if you could even

hear Him. Listening you do,

sitting in a pew, consternation

awaiting confirmation.


Go back!

Could we please go back?


OMG, He cares for you,

and even me too! Stumbling,

He watches over us. You say you

cannot hear Him. How can that

be? I see you follow Him, you

are just like me. You will not

hear a voice! Dying your hair,

thinking you are Fred Astaire.

Why would you dare, don’t you

see people stare? I love your crown,

just don’t care. I would have always

been there. Think your cunning?


Go back!

Could we please go back?


With just one line,

his voice leaves her breathless,

even still in her confused state,

his voice is weaker, and you

became so much meeker. Where

Is that stunning, bold poet, with a

little spice now? It is only sensible to

depart, after all she’s been through.

You played out the greatest play.

Victimizing her with ten ways to dump

your girlfriend and fifty ways to leave

your lover, finally dragging her she:


Go back!

Let’s just go back!


she may not surface; with you need a

‘break’ or ‘brake,’ it is out in the air.

Away she is just like you want. Right

or wrong, her covering is Him although

you wanted His place, she knows it will

burn His nose just like mace! Protect

you she does, covering you in prayer, too.

Which is her least reasonable service and

loving you? Gossip abounds, “is this a contract

on her”? “Moving her there”? “Might as

well be.” “What, he never asked her to stay”?

You know “the letter of the law kills”.


Go Back!

Let’s just go back!


“You know it is the right thing to do”? She

knows the law can kill as well as heal.

God works through man, sometimes He just

can, not a his bottle or his can, He always has

a plan. Maybe He works through doctors,

often you just need to take His deal. He

will not bargain, it is not like man thinks, there is

no margin. Despairingly she obeys his

arrangement. Knowing He has destiny, all

in His hands. We just shuffle our feet,

knowing we are like Keat. Not the poet,

just wishing we were again “the duet”.


Go Back! continued

Let’s just go back!



Heart Woken by My Dearheart


You have woken my heart,

Desiring love unspoken.

 Is that my dearheart?

I am too old, for a love token

Finding more than promises,

But, life is still carousels

Wild people, crazy and scary.

In my world are great surprises,

Many lives are zombie glary.

Not ready for a… wedding bells.


Battles won and lost

In my mind’s eye.

Compassion was a cost.

Many days staring in sky.

God, can you see?

a world under some spell.

Have you lost Your zeal.

Coming here to be.

Knowing wars, you can quell.

Compassion now carbon steel?


Having been a woman, of scorn.

Having been a woman,  idolized.

Having been a woman, too worn.

Having been a woman, too civilized.

Having been a woman, too much younger.

Having been a woman,  loving all along.

Having been a woman,  of distain.

Having been a woman, in hungers.

Having been a woman, in the wrong.

Having been a woman, with a brain.


Finding the man, who is past born,

Finding  the man, that I idolized,

Finding the man, seemingly forlorn.

Finding the man, too civilized.

Finding the man, not too much younger.

Finding the man, loving all along.

Finding the man, who sees no distain.

Finding the man, seeing me hungers.

Finding the man, who is never wrong.

Finding the man, with a brain.

Ahh! Shem Creek

My inner light quickens in pure delight!
The ecstasy of all our visceral senses, high
wakes chest with Dearheart, sharing His sight,
Besotted distraction Dearheart’ and Shem Creek, nigh.
Feeling pallid, radiant grasses as sunsets, longing
ease and feeling home, tangerine puddles bloom.
Radiant grasses hypnotic colors light keeps changing!
Sun pacing sky, sailboat docked, ship-shaped boom.
Oh, nightly staring Dearheart’, with Shem Creek my final part,
No blinking, two sides, besotted awe, sight flourishes.
dark ensues, climatic miracle a living Work of Art!
Humbled we seat, as maître d’ tasty goods’ nourishes.

Paintings on the sweet grass, all hues discovered.
Dearheart’ face, Shem’s Creek final place, love recovered.

References: Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC is a location.
Dear Heart; dearheart is a term of highest esteem. ie, Urban Dictionary.

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