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It Was My Secret

listen to a voice
deep, no one can hear
just me, in thought
in elegy, laughing, crying
to feel
anything somehow
being content
appreciate words
love, hate, smite or hurt
to feel someway
a path
a light, darkness
tones have colors
deep, only in me
a rant a scream
record a voice
leave behind a piece
my voice what happens
justice starts
to be me.

Until I Shared.


The Empty Places

Places no one can fill,
Nothing anyone can say,
Your places, will always be,
Still and quiet, as you see,
Doctors have no pill,
One call of the day,
Our daily time for tea,
No voice now, oh gee,
Living just makes for nil,
Still nothing to play,
Quiet now no glee,
Yours places are even still,
Your places will always be,
The Empty Places.

>Focus an Enhanced Perspective

>Suddenly, turning the corner
Focus, an enhanced perspective
Infinite, moons requite my sleep
Knowing thoughts of love will be lost

Heavens, comfort my aching heart
Suddenly, turning the corner
Round the bend in minds arena
I know forcefully change focus

Focus, moment onto my life
I block all past thoughts and events
Suddenly, turning the corner
Focus, an enhanced perspective

Knowing aloneness brings strength
Mind altering and painful nights
Battle is a sad victory
Suddenly, turning the corner

*Inspired by Two Movies  annie-hall-267humboldtcounty_267

“turning the corner”            “enhanced perspective”

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