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Ahh! Shem Creek

My inner light quickens in pure delight!
The ecstasy of all our visceral senses, high
wakes chest with Dearheart, sharing His sight,
Besotted distraction Dearheart’ and Shem Creek, nigh.
Feeling pallid, radiant grasses as sunsets, longing
ease and feeling home, tangerine puddles bloom.
Radiant grasses hypnotic colors light keeps changing!
Sun pacing sky, sailboat docked, ship-shaped boom.
Oh, nightly staring Dearheart’, with Shem Creek my final part,
No blinking, two sides, besotted awe, sight flourishes.
dark ensues, climatic miracle a living Work of Art!
Humbled we seat, as maître d’ tasty goods’ nourishes.

Paintings on the sweet grass, all hues discovered.
Dearheart’ face, Shem’s Creek final place, love recovered.

References: Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC is a location.
Dear Heart; dearheart is a term of highest esteem. ie, Urban Dictionary.

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