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2014-08-23 14:49:14
Viewpoints should always be made clear: Here is mine.
 After long and careful reflections over the last 5 years of my life: I love people too much and am too naïve to see those who are truly trustworthy friends and those who are not.
I can find no reasonable purpose to open myself up to any further deference! If a write seems to be you, appreciate the love, the god or the good parts, do not take offense. I did not and please if anything was or was not; probably I am being creative in negative areas. If you see your name; fiction or otherwise take everything written as a compliment to your generosity towards me. I will always remember your love or rejection of me. If you are my friend be a friend. Remember perceptions are just that my emotional perceptions, comments made by others are just representative of their likes and dislikes. No personal inferences are meant to injure or otherwise make any deference’s to our personal or interpersonal relationships. Furthermore in my mind I have totally 100% forgiven all regardless of how situations defamed my character or affected my emotional or mental status. Whether you consider yourselves normal or not. So far in life I have not seen any sense of Norm in or out of churches or any other areas of life and travel. People never cease to surprise me at evil and constantly surprise me at their good and great generosity.  As the queen of Pollyanna I shall meet greet and allow you to be yourselves regardless of personal thought. Frequently though I shall refrain from behaviors I no longer seem comfortable with. If I offend you in any way I ask your forgiveness and without your excusing me I shall live on forgiven by who and what matters.  

A very stoic person and very cynically optimist on the inside. So many titles will seem like elegy titles. Many of my writes have many dual of meanings.  Sometimes about love lost or found, about God, music and other colorful expressions. But if you must stop laughing out loud and tiptoe through life you may as well be dead. Enjoying life to the fullest is my new goal. Sorry to say but I must do so for self-preservation. DE STRESS. So here I am writing my innermost for all the world to read. The last 30 years have been very difficult for me due to my own choices. It is easier now not to make any decisions and to care give to as few people as possible. And give up on having a personal life, it really never works out for me. There is no such thing as unconditional: you are supposed to control grown children and make them live the status quo. And God forbid if you have ever had counseling. That only means you must not be normal. Everyone wants to step into a perfect family. I do not see any?? Am I wrong about that? I think the rest of us have finally decided to just love people the way they are.

As usual when I find satisfaction in life people suppose that I am not. When I am at an absolute low, no one can even tell. A person is not all about chemistry depending on ones life’s. Bad chemistry can just be genetic. However, with the world injuring one another so sorely, we can no longer use chemistry as a sole measure of one’s soul. Now can we? My chemistry has never reflected my soul…old school says never let anyone see you sweat. Even in my highest moments, I will write in elegy, or fury or anything to keep synapses operating. Even in my lowest moments about the beauty in life or a fabulous view maybe a real skunk of a person I have met, maybe not, maybe the best person could be a subject. And always dual meanings, sometimes intentional and sometimes a write just comes out on paper that way.

I follow a lot more blogs than there is room to list. I love photography, art and poetry. The internet is not where I do all of my writing.  And I give credits where credits are due always, when I can remember, or I could be reminded. I love to travel by auto to as many places as I can in my lifetime. Shortly I will be flying.  I like to write about the places I know and the places those I know share with me in photos from around the world. Fiction. poetry, Short Stories and Thoughts or blurbs. Excuse me if I refrain from joining in language I am not comfortable with. In my family we matured into using our words as vocabulary not with obscenities that are considered normal in some circles.

Someday I want to go to Italy and England and places peacefully or delightfully loud. and more parts of Europe, but not where they are injuring each other. No matter how safe they say it is, not because of fear of death. I do not want to condone the violent, neither the threat of violence. No matter what I may not get to see.

Favorite Attorney: Baker and Rannells, PA              need copyright or trademark help( – or +) *new site*

Original exclusive rights are copyrighted: covering to produce copies or reproductions of the work and to sell those copies (mechanical rights; including, electronic copies: distribution rights) to import or export the work to create derivative works (works that adapt the original work) to perform or display the work publicly (performance rights) to sell or assign these rights to others to transmit or display by radio or video (broadcasting rights) {Named in L.O.C. © OR ®} All websites are pen name. Special Consideration may be made by email then by written mail agreements.aka may include Still Wilrite, Stilwilrite, Seasideauthor, pen names and also; s rose, miss rose aka Sharon Rose T, Still. Also a lot of poetry I write was listed aka. Lela Blonde, Lelablonde, Lela B. and lelablonde, but most of those writes were moved, I left the originals posted elsewhere under the old names still connected to my new names indirectly. One name actually was a manly name so I was able to have some anonymity, without causing waves in anyone’s private life.
*(A) Lela B.,(B)Lela Blonde,(C) lelablonde,***{A,B AND C are not associated with the porno sites, hence new pen names, IDK, she may have that as her real name or not} -Seasideauthor SR  Sharon Rose. Thank You, SRT


  • Walking
  • biking
  • reading
  • blogger
  • cooking
  • art digital, canvas, acrylics, mixed medias, and others.
  • photography.  Including GICLEE .


Favorite Movies

  • My all time favorite! “50 First Dates” and lots of Old movies.

Favorite Music

  • Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball   Hear the lyrics.
  • All music.
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    Cheers to the NEXT 30 years, right?


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