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Slip Away

Feeling life slip away
Unsure of his adulation, then breaking hearts
Feeling life slip away
Barely clearing flirtation, along came the sway
Seems pure adoration, hopes leverage imparts
A love in the heat of formation, gem carts
Feeling life slip away

Then along came the sway
Gifting wines and such indoctrination, then starts
Feeling life slip away
Knowing extreme temporal relation, decay
Forgot about ramification, a heart departs
Continued daily lush libations, impinges sweetheart
Feeling life slip away

Feeling love slip away
Then even fixation, warm mutual marts
Feeling love slip away
An extreme mental reservation, freedom today
We joined in reconfiguration, melted arts
Confiding affections confused rejection, prayer dearheart
Feeling life slip away

Then along came the sway
An air of solitude liberation, weak parts
Total loss in one day
Various miscommunication, backward aye
Lie of perpetuation, love never departs
Pleas, heal and prove resuscitation, for these hearts
Feeling love slip away

Feel my love slip away
Lie consternation, honeymoon until departs
Love really is ballet
Celibate reputation, honeymoon end day?
One blink perpetuation, think each other is smart
A love magnification, keeping love, an art
Love really is ballet.

  1. June 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    love is ballet…smiles…i like that much…really cool chaining of these to tell the story…love is def an art…

    bring this to OLN and share it and i am sure some more will get by to see it…


  2. June 16, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    wooing and cooing, and the delights of pursuit, missteps and sudden falls…a love story told well…nice


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