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malfunctions, faults, cannot be………
seen clearly
known as the sweetest, kindest,
most loving, considerate being


has never been on time for anything
conception, perception,

time o’clock

has eluded over an very painful life
rises in the day
3 hours before
the rest
just to stir 1 hour of secret time to meet
a brain refusing to cooperate
a body lacks
circadian rhythm,
rhythm to the bass, but

has absolute consideration
and love for all
others and has sacrificed
many lives for others

Lives of riches, galore,
Arabians dreams, pools
like glass, countries of magic

looking absolutely normal

a 9:00am appointment a day starts at 3:30 am or 4:00am
no excuses offered just hardship a lifetime
of extreme difficulty with duress to rise duress to
live a life fooling the world that anyone can do it
career kids husband family all the while killing

herself with the secret
her secret enemy a clock
2 hour notices was always her rule,
bosses never
cared how late just so she would stay till they
had all the spots covered-jobs came and went but life
was a strain universal assumption that time is of
the senescence-less

not in the mind of one who has no known
age of mind
Love of you is intense and could be
eternal loyal and true
is always always always.
time is not there,

for years you have known here
in front of you yet blindly
no one can see Pollyanna
done in life looking normal

to me that is all one
can see

given away her personal
last meal
last dollar
last tear
last shirt
her skirt
whatever needed for
many s’ last hour
an unwritten time
she never could keep
used to want to lie about it

that fault it

made her want to just die
but she did not

not for lack of trying

the riches
she lost
because of perception
lost conception
tossed countless days

never has anyone called
disability inconsiderate,
whose patience is fried

met the cat woman in the dream
last night eyes calm

not even of fright
actually a loving look

bright an understanding
kind of a knowing thing
sensual like me not even

thinking of you
thought you knew me

done here guess I am sick
no food today thinking

about your manly sashay

spoke to dad he thought
I should call and explain

told him right now you’d
be looking to blame.


hate being born
pretty much absent a’clock!

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