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Fall Alone

Fall Moon 2013 ©Sharon Rose

This ‘Golden’, moon of falling

So beHolden, ageing &blurry

she is Bolden, most of calling

in the fall, flowers bury.


In waiting, prayer a calling

Spinning, waiting no hurry

she is Golden, sits stalling

in the fall, leaves scurry


ego ‘Holden’, nearly appalling

mind racing, winding flurry

she is Golden, not enthralling

in the fall, heart is in ‘fiery


This ‘Golden’, Moon of falling

lips kissing, a tasting’ curry

she is ‘Golden’, still NO lolling

in this fall, she is spurry


no ‘Mate to embolden, Moon is falling

dearheart missing, others too surly

she is ‘Golden’, at coast my da’lling

in this fall, too heartfelt too scarry


In pacing, this life too petrifying

dearheart missing, forever been early

she is ‘Golden’, toasting& scarring

fall, praying, your search, will miscarry


Love Was, Oh Too Soon To Be!

May 17th to July 30 2011

From the moment I glance
at your picture, it was, Silver
waves mousse hair, smooth
exact very handsome. Not 
my six foot list and my
profile out the window, just
because; Oh, Jesus I thought
we had a talk he has no job,
not even an income!
Your voice I heard through
the phone, my heart melts.
As we set our first meeting,
our hearts still rapidly beating,
Riding, grilling, romantic,
music, and emotions svelte.
Exciting &comforting, laughs
and images, almost adoring.
Annuls by voluntary
comatose, love was
Oh, too soon to be.
Similar losses although
not, understanding the pain
came. Tearful tragedy
of his being he shares,
her cowards escape.
Unknowing  pain she
leaves a black gift,
to him secrets forever
left the same, Our
conversations are banter,
our words fumble under
her black drape! Old
nick trick left wounds,
and an old ghost; in his
heart everlasting scrape!
Two years later, people
change, sad sad sad,
forward not backward.
Too forward for me now,
no rebounds for you,
seemed still in comatose.
Nothing can be done,
he is ever left the same.
Even banter is now
out of line, still a lady
but the gent has left
the land. So you have
no old friends: just too
fast for me. Getting old
I suppose. Sorry I un-
friended you, it is just
too much for me to even
leave the house! I don’t
Good luck, sorry for your
loss and I know you will
always miss her. You
were finally ready, but
I was not. You seemed
to change. Not a Gent.
More than a year passes.
You pop up on the net!
Still You say the Gent;
has returned! Excited,
you offer to meet. A
different man you say.
Well it is true. As I
had to decompress too.
Both of us are new.
Renewed, see you
very soon…OKAY!
Yes, he is new. No
longer comatose. And
he is loving his life.
Even getting blessed
at his work. It is all
good. Friends with
possibilities. We will
see. (No, he is free!
for me. Cannot wear
anything on his right
hand. Falls off. No muscle,
in a right finger.)
Yes this is you.
Can you be true.
player, player?
Love the music?
You do too!
Wow, Wow, Wow.
Free to be us…

This was inspired from a friend whose fiancee had committed suicide. I guess I could see his case better than hers at the time.

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