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The Colors of Spirits of Dance 2

The whirling winds
blue and spinning
blowing and whirling
twisting and turning

The burning fire
red circles of passion
as flames in rising.
New direction grows
during summer and
comes from south.

In the eastern air
with yellow highlights the path
we face each day, following
new beginnings, energy
empowers us to be
great warriors. Future

dances on Mother Earth
sometimes green.
Feet in the air with Father Sky
westward twilight approaching
hues of blue with black signaling
changes to winter we
come settling in family, love
for the next seasons’

shadows of winter
White like older hair,
snow, all pure and wise.
Saving energy for the
next season.

Those are the colors
of dancing in full robes,
with blues, red, black,
white, and yellows.
Whirls, twirls, feet into
air, flying like hummingbirds.
Flying like eagles. Soaring
round and round. One

season through to the nest. Circle
after circle. Life after life, where
we are. On and on we spin!

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