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Clutching His Chest

terror gripped his heart

clutching his chest

he cried,” how could they

look what they are doing

Sharon can you believe it?”

“these are people from all the world

they are just working people,”

“what are they thinking?”

“not thinking is what!”

“I just can’t take this!”

As it is melting, ” it’s melting!”

almost at a scream as

his heart was beating so

fast, “calm down,” I said

 find your peace, breathe,

pacing round and around

the living room, loud voice

crying out to God,” I know

you see this God, oh God!”

he asks, “What are you going

to do? What God? What God?

Oh, Sharon, I just cannot

take this! How can people do

this to one another? Evil,

pure evil!” There is not other word

that was the only word he referenced

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